Club Gunstock with BladeClub Gunstock with BladeClub Gunstock with BladeClub Gunstock with Blade
Club Gunstock with Blade

Club Gunstock with Blade

Wood Gunstock Club with Metal Blade

SOLD This beautifully finished Club Gunstock with Blade features minimal etchings on both sides. The crafter carved and stained it and added a 5 inch long metal blade to the top.  He carved a hole on the handle side so you can attach a Deerskin Leather Lacing or other handle to it. This Club  will make a great accessory or addition to your collection!  It measures approx. 26" long and 4" wide at the widest end.  The blade measures 5" long.   One of a Kind!
The gunstock club, also known as a gunstock war club or simply gunstock, is a type of Native American weapon that originated among the Eastern Woodlands tribes of North America. The gunstock club was a highly effective close-combat weapon that people used for both hunting and warfare. Its design made it versatile for various purposes, including striking, blocking, and hooking in combat. The handle provided a comfortable grip, and the wider head delivered powerful blows.  Native Americans often fashioned wooden clubs that resembled the stock end of the muskets that European explorers and colonists carried. Sometimes they added blades made of flint or metal to increase their lethality. They also embellished them with Brass Tacks, paint and etched or carved designs.
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