Buffalo Hide LinedBuffalo Hide LinedBuffalo Hide LinedBuffalo Hide LinedBuffalo Hide Lined
Buffalo Hide Lined

Buffalo Hide Lined

Buffalo Hide Lined

Use this Lined Buffalo Hide at camp or at home!  This Hide comes with a canvas-like fabric lining with a felt-like edge.  Use it as a rug for your home or as a blanket for camping.
The Plains Indians depended on American Bison for sustenance. They used nearly every part of the animal. In addition to providing food, a bison contained material to make tools and decorative objects. Some parts of the bison provided supplies to make glue, thread and lubricants. They made clothing and moccasins from the hide. And of course, they used the hide to make Buffalo Robes.
This Lined Buffalo Hide measures 70" long at the longest point and 56" wide.  It does not come with the legs or tail. On  the back you will see fabric 'buttons' that attach the backing to the Buffalo Hide. You will also see some tears, holes and stains on the back.
A previous owner used this Hide, so you will see evidence of wear. The hair has worn off in some places and there are several holes and repaired spots.   We are selling it as is.
One of a Kind!
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