Birchbark Cradleboard with Twins
Birchbark Cradleboard with Twins

Birchbark Cradleboard with Twins

Birchbark Cradleboard with Twins

This Birchbark Cradleboard comes with Twins bundled inside!  The Cradleboard consists of a Birchbark backing, a cradle frame and a rounded cover also made of Birchbark. Red quillwork decorates the top.  A couple pieces of natural quillwork remain on the cover. The crafter attached strands of Sweetgrass around the edges of each component with red dyed fibers. You will see that some of the red has faded on the upper parts of the Cradleboard.
Inside the Cradleboard you will see two soft fabric 'dolls' snuggled beneath a pink polyester blanket. Orange-yellow acrylic lacing keeps them from falling out.  The crafter added faces with black and red ink. The hair is pieces of black fabric. Their headbands were removed or lost.
The Cradleboard comes with a loop at the top so you can hang it up.  It measures 6" long and 4" across at the widest point. The rounded cover rises about 2" from the base.  We think the crafter made this piece around 1970.
One of a Kind!
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