Bead Lot – 10/0 – 13/0 Seed Beads  Assorted Colors

Bead Lot – 10/0 – 13/0 Seed Beads Assorted Colors

Bead Lot - 10/0 - 13/0 Assorted Colors

In this beads lot you will get a 16 strand necklace in size 10/0 alabaster beads. Plus a large hank of 10/0 dyed pink  and small package of 10/0 dyed silver beads.  Secondly there are 4 full hanks of 11/0 seed beads in  blue and green, light and dark pink.  Also there is one bag of opaque yellow and royal blue in size 13/0 .  Plus  a  4 ounce bag of assorted 13/0 beads and smaller.  Wait there is more, a 12/0 a bag of orange and one of dyed pink.  Last but not least a mixed bag of bugle bead (pink),  clear pink lined maybe 11/0.   And to top it off there is a pair of bugle beaded black and turquoise beaded earrings.
Total of 22 ounces of beads.
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