Arm Bands Silver 2.5″Arm Bands Silver 2.5″
Arm Bands Silver 2.5″

Arm Bands Silver 2.5″

Arm Bands Silver 2.5"

These beautiful Sterling Silver 2.5" Arm Bands feature a thin rocker stamped design around the rolled edges to enhance your Native American regalia for both Powwows and Historical Re-enactments.
Prior to the arrival of European trade goods, Native Americans adorned their arms with tattoos, quilled cuffs and bracelets made of copper and bone. European traders brought metal, especially silver, that Native Americans used to create armbands.  Metal Armbands could be simple, narrow bands or stamped and decorated.  Native Americans also made Armbands of beaded leather strips or finger woven wool.
These Armbands measure approximately 2.5″ wide by 10.5″ long. You can adjust them with the included red fabric ties.
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