Antique Bead FringeAntique Bead FringeAntique Bead Fringe
Antique Bead Fringe

Antique Bead Fringe

Antique Bead Fringe

This Antique Bead Fringe is a most unusual find.  A length of 5/8" ribbon or bias tape holds multiple beaded tassels made with antique glass beads. The long gold beads measure 2.5" long. Each tassel measures 4.75" long overall.
We think this Bead Fringe was originally created to decorate lamp shades or draperies.  But you will find its value in the mass of antique beads that are waiting for your next project!
If you separate the portion that has not been unwound you will see that those sparkly seed beads were originally pink!  The outer beads have faded. But those nestled inside still show their bright, shiny pink color!
We have not unwound this bundle, so we do not know how long it is. But there are thousands of seed beads here, along with the long tube beads.
One of a Kind!

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