Pattern – Plume Voyager Shirt


Voyager Style Shirt Pattern

Use our Plume Voyager Shirt Pattern to make your own loose fitting, comfortable shirt.  French voyageurs wore a similarly styled shirt in the late 18th century.  Both traders and colonists wore long shirts both during the day and as a nightshirt. Thus you will find them longer than standard shirts today.

This pattern contains options for two lengths.  You can make yours in a traditional long style or a shorter more contemporary style.  This pattern requires the fabric to be folded in half, so there is no shoulder seam.  You will find instructions for a shoulder reinforcement.  We recommend Cotton or Cotton Blend fabric, or Linen or Linen Blend Fabric.  You may also use a lightweight wool if you prefer a warmer shirt.

For the traditional length, you will need 3 1/3 yards of fabric for Men’s Small – Large,  3 1/2 yards for Men’s size X-Large and XX-Large. You will also  need 2 -4 buttons.

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