Pattern – Plume Plains Moccasins


Plains Style Moccasins Pattern

Use our Plains Indian Moccasin Pattern to construct your own leather moccasins! The Native Americans of the Plains wear a basic two piece moccasin similar to these.

Each tribe adds their own variations to the shape and style.   They apply variations to the shape of the tongue, the sole, the fringe and the decorate elements.  Native Americans commonly embellish their moccasins  with Seed Beads, Porcupine Quills and/or Metal Cones.

This pattern includes instructions for working with leather and a glossary.

You will need Leather measuring 13″ x 24″ for the uppers, 2 pieces of Leather or Rawhide measuring 11.5″ x 5″ for the soles. The pattern accommodates Men’s sizes 7 – 12 and Women’s sizes 5 – 10.

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