Pattern – Plume Leggin and Breechclout


Native American Style Leggin and Breechclout Pattern

Our Plume Leggin and Breechclout Pattern offers options to make both Leather and Trade Cloth Leggins and Breechclouts.

Native American men traditionally wore Leggins and Breechclouts for protection against the elements.  They originally made them from Leather. After the contact period, they chose Wool trade fabric. You will see Native American men wearing them today at Powwows and historical Re-enactments.

This pattern includes instructions for the following:

  • Leather Western style tapered Leggins with or without fringe
  • Fabric Leggins with wide side panels that can be sewn or tied closed
  • Basic Breechclout of cloth or leather with an optional fabric lining

For Leather Leggins you will need 2 hides with at least 42″ of usable material measuring 24″  – 28″ wide. Cloth Leggins require 2 1/4 yards of fabric 45″ wide.  You can make the Breechclout with a 15″ x 60″ piece of Leather or Fabric (it can be longer if you wish).

You may add your own ribbon, Porcupine Quills or Beads to your preference.

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