Copper Cone Deerhair Drops


Copper Cone Deerhair Drops

You can add Copper Cone Deerhair Drops to your clothing and accessories in no time with these ready to use Drops! We put together 1.25″ Copper Cones with Red Deerhair. Then we attach them to a 6″ long piece of Deerskin Leather Lacing for you!

Simply poke a hole in your Leather with an awl where you want the Drop to be, then draw the Deerskin Leather Lacing through and tie it on the back side.  These Drops are perfect for embellishing Leather Leggins, Leather Shirts, Leather Bags and more!

You will appreciate these ready to use Drops, no cutting, no tying, no crimping!

We sell these Deerhair Drops in packages of 10.  We do not recommend these for use on fabric unless the fabric is heavily re-inforced on the back.

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