Blanket Strip Red Selvedge Edge


Selvedge Edge Red Blanket Strip

This Red Blanket Strip is beaded on Selvedge Edge wool.  Master Craftsman Andy Bullock beaded the strip and Rosettes on Braintanned Deerskin Leather.  He used Pony Trader Blue, Mauve, White and Cobalt Blue Seed Beads to create the 7 row strip and the 4″ Rosettes.  Braintanned Deerskin Lacing tassels hang from the center of each of the four Rosettes. Trade Beads, Pink Pony Beads, Blue Basket Beads, Brass Beads and small metal rings decorate each tassel.

The Native Americans of the Northern Plains started making Beaded Blanket Strips in the mid 19th century. Blanket Strips originated as a means to cover the seam when two halves of a Braintanned Buffalo Hide was sewn together to create one large robe. Eventually, Native American crafters began to use wool Trade Blankets for robes. They add their beaded strips to them in a purely decorative manner.

The beaded portion of this Blanket Strip measures 43.5″ long  x 3.25″ wide . It includes a total of 4 rosettes, each measuring 4″ in diameter. The blanket itself measures approximately 60″ x 45″.  One of a Kind!

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