Whimsy Antique BirdWhimsy Antique BirdWhimsy Antique BirdWhimsy Antique BirdWhimsy Antique Bird
Whimsy Antique Bird

Whimsy Antique Bird

Whimsy Antique Bird

A crafter created this Beaded Bird Whimsy in 1904. It is a classic example of a Beaded Whimsy tourist souvenir. Native American crafters in the border regions between Canada and the United States at the turn of the 20th century created many of these whimsies for the tourist trade.
This whimsy comes in the shape of a bird complete with its perch! The crafter used Tan fabric to create the bird's body, wings and tail. The artist chose Transparent Amber Pony Beads to decorate the Bird. He or she used the same beads to make its feet and legs and to outline its wings. The Bird wears a necklace of Pony Trader Blue Pony Beads interspersed with Sequins.  Decorative spiral elements made from White Pony Beads, Sequins and Amber Basket Beads adorn its wings and tail.  The crafter edge beaded the tail with White Pony Beads.
Dark red fabric lines the underside of the wings and tail. You will see 1904 beaded on the underside of the tail in White and Clear Pony Beads.  The crafter added a fabric covered perch for the bird's feet.
This Whimsy came from a previous owner.  You will see bead loss mostly on the bird's right side including its right eye.  A beaded hanging loop at the top has broken and most of the beads that were on it have come off.  The Sequins have tarnished. Additionally, you will see staining and discoloration on the fabric.
This Beaded Whimsy will make an unusual addition to your antique or whimsy collection!
It stands approx 6" tall (including the dangling feet).  It measures approximately 3.5" at the widest point x 7.75" long.
One of a kind!
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