Snow Goggles Inuit Style
Snow Goggles Inuit Style

Snow Goggles Inuit Style

Snow Goggles Inuit Style

Wood Snow Goggles with narrow slits do the squinting for you! Wear these goggles when you are out in the snow on a bright day and give your eyes a break!  The crafter made them from wood with Deerskin Leather Lacing ties on the side.  He or she also lined the top and side edges with Deerskin Leather Lacing for comfort.
The Goggles consist of two pieces of wood, so the crafter attached the two pieces with Imitation Sinew.   Then he or she added decorative ink to the front.
Native Americans who live in Arctic areas create these kind of Snow Goggles from pieces of driftwood. They also use Bone or Antler. Sometimes they make them from a single piece of material carved to fit the wearer's face.
These Goggles measure 7" long  and 2.5" at the widest point.  They have some flexibility because they have two pieces. You can adjust the fit with the Deerskin Leather Lacing ties.
One of a Kind!
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