Plains Style War Shirt – FringedPlains Style War Shirt – FringedPlains Style War Shirt – FringedPlains Style War Shirt – FringedPlains Style War Shirt – FringedPlains Style War Shirt – FringedPlains Style War Shirt – Fringed
Plains Style War Shirt – Fringed

Plains Style War Shirt – Fringed

Plains Style War Shirt - Fringed

This fabulous Plains Style War Shirt comes in Cream colored Deerskin Leather.  You will love all of the decorative features on this shirt: Beaded Strips, Tin Cone Drops and LOTS of fringe.
The cut of the shirt resembles an older style with the animal legs hanging from the back.  The sides of the shirt remain open, with Deerskin Leather Lacing Ties holding them closed.  The crafter sewed the underside of the sleeves closed.  The suede side of the Leather faces the outside of the shirt.  We believe the crafter made it in the 1950s using regular thread.
A 6.5" long beaded bib attaches at the top with Deerskin Leather Lacing.  It ends with 6" long fringe around 2 sides. The crafter added two bands of beadwork in White, Cobalt Blue and Sioux Green.   Additionally a drop of Mini Tile Beads in Pony Trader Blue with a White Center Red Pony Bead and an antiqued Tin cone hangs from the bottom.  An Antiqued Hawk Bell appears at the top of one side.
The crafter attached four 8 row wide Beaded Strips to the front and sleeves of the Shirt.  Each strip features White, Cobalt Blue, Red, Clear Red, Turquoise and Sioux Green old Italian Seed Beads.  On the sides of the Beaded Strips you will find antiqued Tin Cone drops with Fluff Feathers in Red, Purple and Orange.  But, some of the Fluffs have come off or worn away. The crafter also added narrow bands of Beadwork in Cobalt Blue and White around the sleeve cuffs and across the back.

Lots of Fringe

The crafter added cut Fringe of Deerskin Leather measuring 11" long around the top of each sleeve.  On the back side of each sleeve, the Fringe measures 18" long.  Additional Fringe on the back of the shirt measures 16" long. Along the bottom the Fringe varies in length 1.5" - 2".
Native American men from the Plains traditionally wore Leather shirts. They often added fringe and beadwork to them.
This shirt is sized Men's Medium-Large.  The sleeves measure 23" long. The shoulder measurement is about 18"across. The neck opening measures approximately 9" across.  The front of the shirt measures approximately 35" from neck to bottom.    The bottom edges of the Leather are irregular.
A previous owner wore this shirt but it remains in good condition. You will see stray marks and staining on the leather.   The color of the leather and wear contribute to the 'worn' look. You can add it to your collection, or wear it, as it remains in wearable condition.
One of a Kind!
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