Knife Sheath – Beaded Wool w/Quill PanelKnife Sheath – Beaded Wool w/Quill Panel
Knife Sheath – Beaded Wool w/Quill Panel

Knife Sheath – Beaded Wool w/Quill Panel

Knife Sheath - Beaded Wool w/Quill Panel

This Knife Sheath of red wool incorporates a dazzling array of one-of-a-kind features. Master Craftsman Andy Bullock crafted this red wool Knife Sheath as a reproduction of an 1830s Cree or Metis Knife Sheath.
This Knife Sheath includes edge beading in Cheyenne Pink, Blue and White seed beads and beaded tassels on the sides. The front sports beaded wool fringe in white, green and white center pink seed beads across the front. The top features a beaded floral design in Cobalt blue, clear Green, Mustard and Crow Pale Blue beads. Geometric designs in White, Pony Trader Blue, Cheyenne Pink and Cobalt decorate the front.
The main feature of this Knife Sheath is the multicolored quillwork panel on the front. This panel likely comes from the 1970s. Andy attached it to the front of the Knife Sheath.  Fabric lines the back of the Knife Sheath.
This Knife Sheath measures 10" long and 4.25" at the widest point.
This fabulous piece of craftsmanship will make a treasured addition to your beadwork or regalia collection.
One of a Kind!

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