Pendant Stamped Copper Beaver


Pendant Stamped Copper Beaver

This stamped Copper Beaver Pendant will add an unusual look to your Dance Clothes or Regalia.  The crafter pounds copper flat and cuts it into a Beaver shape. Then he adds stamping to accentuate the tail and feet.  He also stamps traditional royal insignia on them.

The Beaver Pendant measures 6.5″ long x 4″ at the widest point.  It comes with a hole in the end with a copper hook so it will lie flat when you wear it around your neck.  You can remove the hook and string it through the hole as well.

We also offer a Stamped Copper Kissing Otters Pendant and a  Stamped Copper Fish Pendant.

Read the Denver Art Museum leaflet on Copper and the Indian HERE!

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