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Rosettes Imported

Imported Beaded Rosettes are the economical alternative to add classic designs to your Native American clothing and accessories. You can use them on Dance Bustles, and other Native American Regalia like Aprons, Leather Pouches and Moccasins.  We offer several styles and sizes of Imported Beaded Rosettes. Not all styles are available in all sizes.

We have acquired a large selection of older stock of Imported Rosettes. You will find colors and designs that you cannot get elsewhere.   

Use the pull down menus to see available sizes and quantities.    Hurry while they last!!

Flag and Medicine Wheel designs are only available in 2″, 3″ and 4″ sizes.

Feather Design (4) is NOT available in 2.5″.

Choose from 7 Styles!

  • 0 Flag
  • 1 Four Winds
  • 2 Medicine Wheel
  • 3 Sunburst
  • 4 Feather
  • 5 Diamond Hill
  • 6 Starburst
  • 7 Turtle
  • 8 Thunderbird

The designs for these Rosettes will vary with the size.

Check out our own Bear Paw Rosettes too!

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