Moccasins Iroquois Style Infant


Beaded Iroquois Style Infant Moccasins

Add these antique  Iroquois Style Infant Moccasins to your collection. The crafter made these moccasins with deer skin leather. He or she added black felt cuffs lined with white and green beads. Then they added red cotton fabric with a beaded toe vamp. The red cotton fabric has been damaged and only shows in a few places on the pair. They used white, green, transparent  green, blue, transparent  blue, clear, and gray seed beads in the design. This style of moccasins were made by using one piece of leather for the bottom and then adding the vamp and cuff. Later as the bottom became worn, the vamp and cuff could be removed and attached to a new piece of leather.

These moccasins measure 3.5″ long x 1″ wide at the middle with a smaller pointed toe. One of a kind!

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