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Wampum Tubes

Wampum Tube Beads are among the most commonly used of wampum beads.  You can weave these Wampum Tube Beads into jewelry, traditional or contemporary Wampum Belts. Additionally, you can use them as embellishments on pouches and bags.  Native Americans have been using Quahog Clam and Whelk Shell beads for centuries.

We proudly offer strands of real Quahog Wampum Tubes for your most traditional jewelry and regalia. Strands come in 4mm x 8mm and 4mm x 16mm. Made from natural quahog shells, these beads vary in color striations – each bead is a miniature work of art!

Furthermore, you can choose from 3 color variations for our 4mm x 8mm Wampum Tubes.

  • D for mostly purple beads
  • SW for a mix of white and purple
  • W for mostly white beads.

These options allow you to create contrasting designs when you make your own Wampum Belts.

We sell these Wampum Tubes by the strand. Strands measure 16″ and have approx. 50 beads.

Click Here to order individual Wampum Tube Beads.   Learn more about Wampum Bead History here. 

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