Powder Horn Large CustomPowder Horn Large CustomPowder Horn Large CustomPowder Horn Large Custom
Powder Horn Large Custom

Powder Horn Large Custom

Powder Horn Large Custom

This Large Powder Horn will be the perfect accessory for your kit! The crafter used a 13.5" long steer horn.  He carved some indented sections and beveled the small end.  He added a wood stopper to the small end.  The butt end has a carved wood stopper with a metal staple.   A deer antler button covers a screw out stopper (so you can fill the powder horn).  A piece of cowhide suede lace serves as a strap.
Powder horns are containers that hold gunpowder. Historically, soldiers made Powder Horns from cows, oxen or buffalo horns. Natural horn has the advantage of being waterproof and already hollow inside. Stoppers of wood or bone or horn were placed at each end of the horn. A soldier filled the horn with gunpowder at the large end, and dispensed powder from the smaller end.  Soldiers sometimes decorated their Powder Horns with carvings or inlays. They usually carried them with a long strap over their shoulder.
The Wandering Bull offers Powder Horns as collectible items. Living History Re-enactors also use Powder Horns as part of their kit. You can choose from our standard stock Powder Horn or one of the One of a Kind horns that we acquire from collections.
The Powder Horn measures 15" long overall.  It is in excellent condition. One of a Kind!
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