Crooked Knife with Small SheathCrooked Knife with Small SheathCrooked Knife with Small Sheath
Crooked Knife with Small Sheath

Crooked Knife with Small Sheath

Crooked Knife with Small Sheath

This Antique Crooked Knife with a Small Sheath has a 3" steel blade and wooden handle. The handle has copper wire wrapped around the top by the blade and a curved style that fits nicely in your hand. This knife is original to the sheath and both the wood and leather have a nice patina to them. The knife measures 9" from the handle to the tip of the blade. The steel blade does have some rust.
Crooked Knives, also known as Mocotaugan, are a common tool used by Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands. It was an essential tool that was adapted by European settlers for their own uses. The handles have been formed into a variety of shapes and decorated with intricate designs. Author Ned Jalbert's book,  Mocotaugan The Story and Art of the Crooked Knife: The Woodlands Indian's Indispensable Survival Tool, examines the history of these knives and the artform of making them.
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