Hawk Henries Keeping The Fire


Music CD  Keeping The Fire Flute Music

Hawk Henries Keeping The Fire features Nipmuck flautist Hawk Henries. Henries performs at and attends many New England area powwows. He makes and plays his flutes.

Hawk Henries Keeping The Fire speaks to the spiritual fire within all of Creation. Written words accompany the music. Henries’ drew inspiration for this CD from his belief in the value of all experience and aspects of life as sources for learning. We think you’ll enjoy this calming, sometimes haunting music.

Song List:

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Earth and Sky
  3. Children (Nourish the Seed)
  4. Within You (Ancient Wisdom)
  5. Sunlight
  6. Dragonfly’s Gift
  7. Gray Skies
  8. Bird Song
  9. Dance of the Seasons
  10. Carrying the Flute
  11. Gratitude
  12. Old Growth
  13. The Little People
  14. Ceremony
  15. Compassion

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