Wampanoag Art for the Ages


Wampanoag Art for the Ages

Traditional and Transitional.  By Lee Roscoe.  Softcover. 77 pgs.

In this well illustrated book.  Lee Roscoe profiles several Wampanoag artists and discusses their work.  She begins with Wetu, or bark dwellings, and continues with Matting, Twining, Pottery, Wampum, Regalia, Adornment, Painting and Mixed Media.  Each section features a Wampanoag artist and includes historical information about the craft itself and the required materials.   This unique book provides a look into contemporary Wampanoag art, as well as the cultural history that inspires it.

The Appendix lists museums and other venues where you can view Native American art and exhibits.

ISBN 9780578262925

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