Pendant Stamped Crescent


Stamped Metal Crescent with Brass Accents

This Pendant Stamped Crescent features brass accents and dangling metal Feathers.   It is a two piece design with a smaller crescent hanging from the bottom of the larger one.  The crafter shaped it out of German Silver.  He added decorative stamped designs to the front.  In addition, he attached two brass fern or feather designs to the top piece and a brass rosette to the center of the star on the bottom piece.   Four metal feathers dangle from the bottoms of each section. On the back, the crafter soldered two metal loops you can use to string it for a necklace or a gorget.  You will see the maker’s mark KH on the back of the star.   One of a Kind!

This Pendant Stamped Crescent measures 4.5 inches across and 6 inches long not including the dangling feathers.  Two of the feather dangles measure 2 inches long and two measure 1.5 inches long.   We got this pendant from a collection.  You will see some minor smudging that you can polish off.  It is in very good condition.  Ready to wear or add to your collection of accessories! One of a Kind!

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