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Knife Sheath Blackfoot Style with Dagger

This colorful fully beaded Blackfoot Style Knife Sheath will make a stunning addition to your collection!  The crafter used Mustard, Cobalt Blue, White Center Rose and Turquoise Seed Beads to create the designs.  He attached the beadwork to a Strap Leather Sheath and edged the front with Red Bias tape.  Deerskin Leather covers the back and pieces of Deerskin Leather Lacing serve as loops to attach the Sheath to your belt.   The unique arrow-like shape holds a double edged Dagger that comes with the Sheath.  The Knife is held in the upper part of the Sheath.  The lower part of the Sheath is ‘stuffed’ and soft.

The Dagger measures 12.5″ long with a 7.5″ long blade.  The wood handles features Brass Tack decorations.  The Knife Sheath measures about 16″ long.  It measures 3.5″ wide at the widest point and 1.75″ at the narrow point.  A previous owner used this Sheath and you will see discoloration and signs of wear on the back.  The beadwork remains intact and the set is in very good condition.

One of a Kind!

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