Whimsy Beaded Pillow Spade Shape


Whimsy Beaded Pillow Spade Shape

This Antique Beaded Spade-shaped Pillow Whimsy features Clear, Transparent Yellow, Red and Blue Pony Beads on an amber colored velveteen front.  You will also find Transparent Basket Beads in Gray, Teal Green, Red, Brown and White Lined Clear.  The crafter created three dimensional  floral designs and edge beaded the entire piece with Clear Pony Beads.  He or she added several Beaded Loop Drops to the bottom.  The back is a Teal Green polished cotton fabric.

This whimsy is a classic example of Beaded Whimsy tourist souvenirs. Native American crafters in the border regions between Canada and the United States at the turn of the 20th century created many of these whimsies for the tourist trade. This spade shaped Pillow will make an unusual addition to your antique or whimsy collection!

This Antique Pillow is missing several beads from the front and some of the beaded loops have come off.  The pillow itself is in good condition with signs of wear.  It measures about 11″ long x 11.5″ wide not including the beaded loops. The thickness is about 3″. Put your restoration skills to work to to recreate this beautiful design.  One of a Kind!

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