Quilled Birchbark Bowl Pieces Antique


Antique Quilled Birchbark Bowl Pieces

These Antique Quilled Birchbark Pieces used to be part of a bowl.  You will find two pieces of birchbark with a quilled floral design. The artist used orange, green, red and natural quills. They also added a band of sweetgrass around the edges. This piece is from a collection and has quill damage and some broken pieces of sweetgrass.

Birchbark containers are traditional containers made from the bark of birch trees. They are typically used by Indigenous people in North America for storing and transporting food, clothing, and other items.  Both remaining pieces measure approx. 7″ x 4″. One of a Kind!

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Read the Denver Art Museum Leaflet Birchbark and the Indian!

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