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Handmade Beaded Lace Doily

This vintage round Doily Beaded Lace came as part of a collection. The beads include some beautiful vintage 10/0 seed beads. You will see a Pearlized Eggshell color, Rose, Bright Turquoise, Clear, Burgundy and White. The crafter added several small white and blue tassels around the end.

Crafters make beaded doilies with a variety of bead types, including glass beads, seed beads, or even gemstone beads, depending on the desired look and level of intricacy. The beads are meticulously sewn onto the fabric or lace using needle and thread, often following a predetermined pattern or design.  The patterns and designs of beaded doilies can vary greatly.  They can range from geometric shapes to elaborate floral motifs or abstract patterns. The choice of colors and bead sizes can also add depth and visual interest to the piece.  You can use this beaded doily as a decorative element in your home décor. It will add a touch of elegance and craftsmanship to a room and serve as a focal point or accent piece.

The Doily measures 20″ in diameter and may be from Europe.  It will make a fabulous addition to your Beadwork collection!  One of a Kind!

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