Basket Round Hopi Style


Vintage Hopi Southwestern Style Basket

This beautiful handwoven Southwestern Hopi Style Round Basket has a beautiful geometric design. Hopi baskets are usually made with coils of rabbit brush, sumac, dune brush and yucca. The flat round base is very sturdy. This piece is in good condition with very little wear. This Hopi Style Basket measures 6″ in diameter and stands about 6″ tall.  The basket measures 8″ in diameter at the widest part.

Hopi style baskets have been used for a variety of purposes over the centuries, including for storing food and water, for carrying goods, and for use in ceremonial contexts. Today, Hopi style baskets are still made by Hopi artisans and are prized by collectors for their beauty and cultural significance.

Use the Round Hopi Style Basket for decorative storage or add it to your Basket collection! One of a Kind!

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