Basket Large Sewing with Pincushions


Basket Large Sewing with Pincushions

This Large Sewing Basket comes with two Pincushions!  The basketmaker used braided Sweetgrass and Dark Green Ash Splints to create this round Basket.   A piece of braided Sweetgrass with decorative curls serves as a handle on the slightly concave lid.

Inside you will find two Velveteen Pincushions with Sweetgrass & Ash Splint bases.  One has brown Velveteen and measures 2″ in diameter. The other  has lost its Velveteen nap and measures 3″ in diameter.

The Sewing Basket measures 9.75″ in diameter and stands 3.5″ tall with the lid on.  You will see minor split breakage on the bottom.  Otherwise, this Basket is in very good condition.

One of a Kind!

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