Smudge Stick Packs


Smudge Stick Packs

We sell Smudge Sticks in several sizes perfect for personal use, home use, Native American Powwows and Native American Sweat Lodges. Our Smudge Sticks make nice gifts as well.  They are made with White Sage (broad leaf), Gray Sage (thin leaf) and natural Cedar leaves.

We offer two multi stick packs.

The Large Smudge Set Trio includes one of each of our large Smudge Sticks:

  • White Sage
  • Gray Sage
  • Sage & Cedar

The Small Smudge Stick Pack comes two each of our Small Smudge Sticks:

  • 3″ Gray Smudge Stick
  • 3″ White Sage Bundle

You will find either of these sets perfect for you or someone special to try each of our Smudge Sticks!

Don’t miss our fragrant Sweetgrass Braids and Sweetgrass Lavender Wands!

Click Here to Read about Smudging Rituals and Supplies!

We cannot ship plant materials to Australia
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