Shawl Fringe 1/2 Pound Spools


Shawl Fringe 1/2 Pound Spools

Try our chainette Shawl Fringe in new colors on 1/2 pound spools!  You will find these smaller spools perfect when you want to use more than one color of Fringe on your Dance Shawl!  Plan to get 2 spools to complete a standard size Dance Shawl.   Our seamstress uses 14″ of fringe doubled over and spaced one finger width apart on the Fabric Shawl Blank.

If you have tried some of our competitor’s fringe, you may find that it unties and kinks because it is too stretchy. You will agree our shawl fringe is easy to work with. Remember, we actually USE our fringe!  Please note that dye lot colors will vary. MADE IN THE USA.  Note: Fringe colors are non-fast and are not intended for children’s apparel.

Click here to shop for our standard Shawl Fringe on 1 pound spools.   When you purchase Dance Shawl Fabric Blanks we will include our Dance Shawl Instructions. Shop for Dance Shawl Fabric Blanks!  Need a Needle to attach your Fringe?  Try our Tapestry Needle!

There are colors that you won’t find in our standard Shawl Fringe at less than half the price!  We have LIMITED QUANTITIES of these 1/2 pound spools so don’t wait to try them!

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