Pueblo Pottery Kit


Kit to make Pueblo Style Pots

This Pueblo Pottery Kit teaches you the traditional pottery making methods of the Pueblo peoples. There are several Pueblos in  Southwestern North America.  Pueblo peoples gathered their pottery making materials themselves. These Native American peoples dug and prepared their own clay.  They made their own dyes.  In addition, they made their brushes from yucca leaves.

This kit provides you with everything you need, ready to use. Each kit contains materials needed to make a 3″ – 6″ Clay Pot. Additionally, the instruction booklet describes several traditional pottery designs for you to try. So, follow the directions to learn how to make a clay pinch pot.  Then decorate the pot with your own design!  The clay in the kit is self-hardening but not waterproof.  So your pot will be for decoration only.

The Pueblo Pottery Kit includes:

  • Clay
  • Paint Powders
  • Yucca Leaves
  • Polishing Stone
  • Fully Illustrated Instruction Booklet

You will also need: water, a paint tray, a towel, and a spoon.

We recommend this kit for ages 8 +.  Adult assistance may be needed to help children with this kit.

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For more information, view the Denver Art Museum leaflet on Pueblo Indian Pottery Making HERE!

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