Quilled Wheels Vintage Pair


Pair of Vintage Quilled Wheels

Add this Pair of Vintage Quilled Wheels to you collection! One piece has two medicine wheels wrapped in yellow and red dyed porcupine quills with red ribbon tied to the middle. They are attached to a 12 inch ribbon with red, yellow and blue stripes. The top of the ribbon has two pieces of leather lacing adorned with metal beads, a deer dew claw and yellow beads.  This piece shows some wear with fading and staining on the ribbon as well as some quill damage.

The second piece has a transparent amber glass ring with four pieces of red and yellow quilled leather lacing. Four shorter pieces of leather hang from the top with metal beads at the ends. One of the pieces of quilled lacing still has a metal cone attached. This piece also has some quill damage and is missing three cones. It measures 12 inches long.

One of a Kind!

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