Sash Gourd Dance


Red & Blue Gourd Dance Sash

This Sash Gourd Dance is ready for your next event!  The crafter made this sash with soft red and blue fleece material. At each end he attached a 2.5 inch long Peyote Stitch Sash End.  He used Royal Blue, Periwinkle, Red, Orange and Yellow Orange Seed Beads to create the zig zag designs.   12 inches of Fringe extends from each beaded Sash End.  One side has Navy Blue and the other a Melon Red.

The sash measures 100 inches long overall, including the fringe.  It measures 5.5 inches wide at the widest point.  We got this item from a collection.  It is in very good, wearable condition.  One of a Kind!

The dance for which this Sash Gourd Dance was made is called the Gourd Dance. The gourd dance is a Kiowa dance ceremony. The dance honors all warriors and veterans.

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