Roach Spreader 4 Arrow Design


Handmade Moose Antler Roach Spreader 4 Arrow Design

Make this Roach Spreader part of your collection of accessories or wear it to your next event! The artist hand carved this petite spreader from moose antler.  It features a four pronged end.  The artist carved arrow designs on the prongs of this  Spreader 4 Arrow Design.  He added indentations to the edges to create a serrated design.  Use the hole and the end for your scalp lock and the socket to hold your feather.

Roach Spreaders are required to spread the front hair of your roach.   Native American crafters make them from metal, antlers from moose or elk, and sometimes plastic.  They may add carved, etched, stamped or painted decorations to them.  There are different types of roach spreaders for different types of  Native American dances.

This Roach Spreader 4 Arrow Design measures about  3.5 inches long  x 1.25 inches at the widest point.  This spreader is in new condition.  One of a Kind!

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