Pouch Leather Beaded


Beaded Leather and Rawhide Pouch

Use this  Pouch Leather Beaded to hold small essentials or display it with your collection.  The crafter made it with Deerskin Leather.  He or she used Lazy Stitch to create the geometric designs in White, Red, Periwinkle and Yellow Seed Beads.  Edge beading in Periwinkle Seed beads appears along the edge of the top flap.  The crafter used a stiff piece of Rawhide for the back of the bag.  At the bottom, the crafter cut 1.25 inch long Deerskin Fringe.  A piece of Deerskin Leather Lacing pulls through the flap and the front of the bag so you can close the top.  The lacing then serves as a carrying handle.

This Pouch Leather Beaded measures 5.25 inches x 4 inches not including the 1.25 inch long fringe.  This bag came from a collection and a previous owner used it.  You will see soiling and signs of wear.  A few beads have been lost from the edge beading.  One of a Kind!

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