Leggins Imitation Braintan with Beadwork


Beaded Imitation Braintan Deerskin Leggins

These Imitation Braintan Leggins will brighten up your outfit!  The crafter made them from soft Imitation Braintan Deerskin.  He attached two beaded strips in White, Yellow, Royal Blue, Cheyenne Pink and Periwinkle Seed Beads.  Then he painted the side flaps Green and the bottoms Yellow. He attached 4″ long yarn fringe tassels in Green, Yellow and Purple to the sides of the flaps. The crafter cut graduated fringe ranging from 3″ long to 2″ long into the side flaps.  Imitation Braintan Deerskin ties are attached at the top.

These Leggins measure 32″ long.  The width varies from 12″ wide at the top to 7″ wide at the ankle.    A previous owner wore these Leggins.  You will see signs of wear and places where the green paint has rubbed off. They remain in good, usable condition.  One of a Kind!

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