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Headband Beaded Black

Add this Loomwork Beaded Headband to your collection or try it on for size!  You could also wear it as a hat band.  The crafter designed the 20 row Loomwork band to say IROQUOIS in white letters on a black background.  He or she added white crosses on either side.  The edges feature beaded loops made with 4mm iridescent Tube Beads and Yellow Pony Beads.  The crafter attached this to a black felt lining with with black leather strips on the ends.  Pieces of oil tanned Leather Lacing serve as ties.

This Headband measures 20″ long x 1.5″ wide, not including the beaded loops or the Leather Lacing ties.  The ties measure 9″ long. and the loops add another inch to the width.  You will notice a couple of the beaded loops have come off the the top.  These could be replaced or you can wear the headband as is.

One of a Kind!

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