Trade Beads Antique Vaseline Yellow


Vaseline Yellow Antique Trade Beads

This lot of Antique Vaseline Trade Beads comes with 47 translucent Yellow and 2 translucent Green beads with a metal floral clasp.

Traders call these Vaseline beads because their translucence resembles the look of the petroleum product. Craftsmen formed these Vaseline beads into large bi-conal shapes that are as eye catching as their color! Vaseline beads likely originated in Czechoslovakia.

History of Trade Beads

From the 15th to the 20th century, traders carried European glass beads across the world. The beads were highly desired by Native Americans, as glass was then an unknown substance in North American. European glass beads, mostly from Venice, became popular and sought after by Native Americans. Europeans realized early on that beads were important to Native Americans and corporations such as the Hudson Bay Trading Company developed lucrative bead-trading markets with them.

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