Glass Tile Beads – Small Pink 50% Off!


Glass Tile Beads

Glass Tile Beads vary in shape and color. Some will have thicker sides and narrower holes.  Imitation Sinew will easily go through the holes.  They make nice additions to Bone Hairpipe Chokers and Necklaces.  You will find them a perfect economical Glass Bead for your projects.

Standard Beads measure approximately 6 mm long x 5mm wide with a 2mm hole.  There are approximately 70 beads per ounce

We now offer 10 colors of Larger Tile Beads that measure between 8mm – 9mm long.  Their width is 6mm – 7mm. Hole diameters vary between 2mm – 3mm. There are approximately 50 beads per ounce.

 056A Pink  are smaller Tile Beads. They are just a smidgen shorter in length and width (5 mm rather than 6 mm) but the hole is much smaller. You will only get Thread or a single ply Imitation Sinew through it.

Read More About Style of Beads in our article Beads Used by Native American Crafters

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