Dance Bells – Ready to Wear in Every Color!

Dance Bells - Ready to Wear

Dance Bells – Ready to Wear

We make Sheep Dance Bells – Ready to Wear due to customer demand! Chris makes our exclusive Sheep Dance Bells with White Strap Leather and Deerskin Leather Lacing. He adds the Sheep Bell color of your choice!

Just tie them on and you are ready to go!

We sell Sheep Dance Bells in pairs.  These are a custom made item, so please allow 1 week for delivery.

Choose from five colors:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Copper

. . . or Collect ’em all!

We also offer Curly Sheep Anklet Pairs!

Learn to Make Ankle Dance Bells


Make your own Dance Bells

Chris from The Wandering Bull, LLC shows you how to make a set of Ankle Dance Bells. These Bells are perfect for traditional and straight dancers at powwows. He will use strap leather, deerskin lace and colorful sheep bells. Learn to make ankle dance bells! we also offer kits that come with all the materials as well as ready to wear finished pairs. Wear them with curly sheep anklets

Find everything you need for your craft at The Wandering Bull, LLC. We are suppliers of Native American craft supplies, antique and vintage Native art, historical and cultural books, clothing and more!

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Dance Bell Kits

Dance Bell Kits

Native American Style Dance Bell Kits

Our Dance Bell Kits come with everything you need to make your own Ankle Dance Bells.  Each Dance Bell Kit contains high quality U.S. made Sleigh Bells, Strap Leather and OIltanned Leather Lacing for attaching.  Choose from 3 bell sizes!

These Dance Bells are perfect for straight dancers and traditional dancers.


  • 1″ Bells  $16.95
  • 1.25″ Bells $ 18.95
  • 1.5″ Bells  $20.95

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Dexter Bells

Dexter Bells

Dexter Bells

Traditional Dancers and Chicken Dancers will like using these Dexter Bells as an alternative to Sheep Bells with their dance clothes.  These Bells make a very unique sound that is different from the sound of Sheep Bells. Everyone will know you are coming!

This style of Bell originated in the mid – 1800s. There are photos of old time Native American dancers wearing this type of bell during the early 20th century.

Dexter Bells measure 2.25″ in diameter. These Bells are Brass plated and come with a loop at the top.

These cost $10.50 each. You will want 8 Bells to make a set. Get them for $9.45 each when you buy 8 or more.

Made in USA.

We also offer Sheep Bells!


change qty pricing  $9.45

Dance Stick with Otter Fur

Dance Stick with Otter Fur

Large Curved Dance Stick with Otter Fur

Use this large Dance Stick with Otter Fur at your next event, or display it in your home!  The crafter decorated this large curved accessory with a variety of embellishments.  He wrapped the bottom third with red wool.  He covered the remainder of the stick with real Otter fur.  The crafter then added long strands of multi colored ribbons, a strip of red wool, a piece of horse tail, and a star spangled handkerchief.   He also added beads and a line of antiqued Hawk Bells.  One of a Kind!

This Dance Stick with Otter Fur measures 49 inches long overall.  It stands 35 inches tall from the bottom to the top of the curve.  A previous owner used this stick so you will see some signs of wear.

Native American dancers use individually crafted and decorated sticks to enhance the energy of their dance. They design their Dance Sticks according to the type and purpose of their dance. Collectors often display Dance Sticks in their homes. This Dance Stick came from a collection. It is ready to use or display!  One of a Kind!

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World Best Fancy Dance Songs

World Best Fancy Dance Songs

Music CD World Best Fancy Dance Songs

World Best Fancy Dance Songs includes both Women’s and Men’s Fancy Dance songs. Get those bustles and bells on, find your Fancy Dance Shawl …you’ll be ready to dance after listening to this CD!

Song List:

  1. Woman’s Fancy  –  Eyabay
  2. Mahno Dweh – Gun  –  Chi-Geezis
  3. Woman’s Fancy  –  Northern Wind
  4. Fancy Dance  –  Lone Creek
  5. Woman’s Fancy  –  Circle Strong Singers
  6. Woman’s Fancy  –  Black Lodge Singers
  7. Men’s Fancy  –  Red Sons Singers
  8. Woman’s Fancy  –  Smokey Valley Singers
  9. Woman’s Fancy  –  Drum Circle Singers
  10. Fancy Dance  –  Two Feathers Singers
  11. Fancy Dance  –  Sioux Assiniboine
  12. Fancy Dance  –  Dead Horse Creek
  13. Woman’s Fancy  –  Little Island Creek
  14. Woman’s Fancy  –  Red Scaffold

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Sheep Bells

Sheep Bells

Sheep Bells

Fancy Dancers often wear Sheep Bells with their dance clothes.  These bells make a nice big clanging sound so everyone knows you are coming! Available in Copper, Nickel-plated finish, Red, Yellow and Blue!

Sheep Bells measure 1 7/8″.

Discounted when you purchase 12 bells of one color.

The Wandering Bull Trading Post can also make them into ready to wear Bell Sets for you! Ready to Wear Dance Bells.

Made in USA.


Chicken Dance Bell Kit

Chicken Dance Bell Kit

Our Chicken Dance Bell Kits come with everything you need to make a set of leg-length Chicken Dance Bells.  You can read our instructions for Chicken Dance Bells here.

Each Chicken Dance Bell Kit includes 1.25″ high quality US made Sleigh Bells, 2 pieces of 1″ x 36″ Strap Leather, Deerskin Leather Lacing for attaching,  and instructions.

Make some noise and add some flash to your regalia!

You may also like our ankle Dance Bell Kits.  Shop for more Regalia Kits

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells

You will find Nickel-plated Sleigh Bells great for Straight Dance and traditional dance clothes.  Young Fancy Dancers will like them, too, if they find Sheep Bells too heavy.

These Bells come with a stamped loop on back for stringing.

We sell them in packages of 12 or 100.

Made in the USA.

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Chicken Dance Bell Instructions

Chicken Dance Bell Kit Instructions

It’s Easy to Make your own Chicken Dance Bells!

Use the Chicken Dance Bell Kit Instructions by The Wandering Bull Native American Trading Post to made your own Chicken Dance Bells. Chicken Dance Bells are long enough to extend from the waist to the ankle. They are tied in three places, at the ankle, just above the knee and to a belt at the waist. The Wandering Bull Trading Post has everything you need to make your own Chicken Dance Bells. Use the suggested supplies here, or customize your Chicken Dance Bells with your preferred supplies. Continue reading Chicken Dance Bell Instructions

Curly Sheep Anklet Pairs – DYED

Curly Sheep Anklet Pairs

Dance Goats Curly Sheep Anklet Pairs

Curly Sheep Anklet Pairs  are pre-cut pieces of natural Sheep Fur for you to finish into anklets.  Use our Angora Sheep Anklet Pairs as ‘dance goats’ to add flair to your regalia!  Sheep Anklet Pairs are perfect for Chicken Dancers, Grass Dancers, and Traditional Dancers! Be the coolest man on the floor at your next Native American Powwow!

Each Sheep Anklet Pair piece measures 12″ x 3″.  We sell Curly Sheep Anklets in pairs.

Choose from six colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Orange

Check out our Sheep Dance Bells, too!

Deer Toe Leg Rattles

Deer Toe Leg Rattles

Deer Toe Leg Rattles

We make our Classic Deer Toe Leg Rattles with real Deer Toes. We attach them to Top Grain Deerskin Leather and accent them with Glass Crow Beads. You will find these Deer Toe Leg Rattles perfect for Traditional Dancers.  They tie them to their legs just below the knee.

Buy a set for your Native American Regalia today!

We sell these in pairs.

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