Trade Beads Blue Russian Strands
Trade Beads Blue Russian Strands

Trade Beads Blue Russian Strands

Two Strands of Blue Russian Trade Beads

These two Strands of Blue Russian Trade Beads measure 24 inches and 18 inches long. The longer strand holds the smaller beads.
Blue Russian trade beads were produced in Russia during the 19th century. They are distinctive for their rich blue color, which was achieved by using cobalt in the glass-making process. Blue Russian trade beads were highly prized for their beauty and durability, and were often used in traditional clothing, adornments, and ceremonial objects. They were particularly popular among the Plains Indians of North America, who used them in decorative breastplates, chokers, and other items.
Today, blue Russian trade beads are still sought after by collectors and artisans for their historical significance and unique beauty. They are often used in contemporary jewelry making and beadwork, as well as in traditional Native American crafts. Blue Russian trade beads can be found in a range of sizes and shapes, from small seed beads to large statement beads, and can be used to create a variety of intricate and colorful designs.

History of Trade Beads

From the 15th to the 20th century, traders carried European glass beads across the world. The beads were highly desired by Native Americans, as glass was then an unknown substance in North American. European glass beads, mostly from Venice, became popular and sought after by Native Americans. Europeans realized early on that beads were important to Native Americans and corporations such as the Hudson Bay Trading Company developed lucrative bead-trading markets with them. The Hudson Bay Trading Company was an organized group of explorers who operated during the 19th century. They ventured into the North American continent for trade expeditions.
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