Necklace Antique Millefiori Beads

Necklace Antique Millefiori Beads

Necklace Antique Millefiori Beads
Assorted Antique Millefiori Beads come on a knotted Leather cord.  Many of them are broken, but that adds to their charm!  You will find White Center Crow Beads forming the 'chain' of the Necklace.
The largest Millefiori Bead measures about 35mm (1.25") long.  The White Center Crow Beads vary in size, as well.
One of a Kind!
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Venetian Millefiori Beads are one of several types of beads that we call Trade Beads. European traders often brought these beads to Africa, but they made their way to the Americas as well. Factories in Venice produced these beads beginning in the early 1800s. Artisans used canes of glass to create flowers and stripe designs. Then they molded layers of these designs around a core of solid colored glass. They then cut or broke these glass rods into beads. The result is a colorful mix of designs called Venetian Millefiori beads. Millefiori means “thousand flowers” in Italian. Traders brought a large variety of glass beads to the Americas including Padre Beads, large round Hudson Bay trade beads, Venetian Millefiori Trade Beads, sand casted beads and others!
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