Elk Soldier Elk Soldier Inc.

Elk Soldier Elk Soldier Inc.

Elk Soldier Elk Soldier Inc.
This Northern Native American drum comes from South Dakota. They have a reputation for intense singing and drumming.  This CD includes 15 tracks.
  1. Hehaka Mani Win
  2. J Rock
  3. DAZ
  4. Big Elk Boy
  5. The Jordan Gluide
  6. Heavyrunner
  7. Artificial
  8. Bry's Jam
  9. Powwow Nights
  10. ES Hop
  11. Tribute to Stoney Park
  12. Mitakuye Oyasin
  13. Candi Tanga
  14. Si namatuta
  15. Nakoa's Bonus
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