Chevron Melon Beads – Green Striped
Chevron Melon Beads – Green Striped

Chevron Melon Beads – Green Striped

Chevron Melon Beads - Green Striped

These Venetian Green Striped Chevron Melon Beads are quite the find! These elegant layered beads usually come in Red, White and Blue, but can also come in other colors. Crafters use them on necklaces, chokers, bags, etc.  Re-enactors will find them perfect for period correct regalia. Bead makers in Venice, Italy made the first Chevron Beads near the end of the 14th century. Traders carried these layered glass beads to North America and Africa. They are highly desirable due to the complexity of their manufacture. In fact, craftsmen were not permitted to leave their factories in order to prevent them from sharing the technology. The chevrons in this strand are dark green with light green stripes. The ends of each bead are red and white. They are approximately 1/2" long and slightly flattened. There are 55 beads. One of a Kind! Shop for more Trade Beads!

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