Buffalo Robe – AntiqueBuffalo Robe – AntiqueBuffalo Robe – Antique
Buffalo Robe – Antique

Buffalo Robe – Antique

Buffalo Robe - Antique

Looking for something unusual to add to your home decor? We offer this Antique Buffalo Robe to display on your wall or floor!  This Buffalo Robe is craft quality because of its condition.  It includes a full lining on the back, as a carriage robe would. This Buffalo Hide has a few holes and several worn spots. A small bit of the tail is still attached.
The Plains Indians depended on American Bison for sustenance.  They used nearly every part of the animal. In addition to providing food, a bison contained material to make tools and decorative material.  Some parts of the bison provided supplies to make glue, thread and lubricants. They made clothing and moccasins from the hide.  Furthermore, they used the hide to make Buffalo Robes.
This Antique Buffalo Robe measures 76" long x 61" wide.  Crafters looking for Buffalo fur for Native American Regalia will appreciate the age of this robe.  It can also grace your home as a wall hanging or rug.
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