Blue Russian Trade Beads – Large Faceted Strand

Blue Russian Trade Beads – Large Faceted Strand

Blue Russian Trade Beads

Unique strand of Blue Russian Trade Beads.  They appear larger than others and faceted.
Traders brought a large variety of glass beads to the Americas including Padre Beads, large round Hudson Bay trade beads, Venetian Millefiori Trade Beads, sand casted beads and others!
Russian explorers traded Blue Russian Beads to the Native Americans in Alaska and Canada starting in the 1700s.  The appeal of these beads lies in their Cobalt Blue color and their faceted shape.  Blue Russian Beads likely originated in Czechoslovakia. Russian traders may have purchased them directly from traders in Europe, or possibly from the Hudson Bay Company.
This strand measures 30" long.
One of a Kind!

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